Tuesday, February 17, 2015

the anti-test movement: against the privatization of our education

Shout-out to our allies at the anti-test movement. Check out their website, which includes a full manifesto with citations.

They are also organizing a protest on March 7.  Get the details hereTheir aim is a public education system that focuses on students and teachers, not for-profit corporations. Here's a key quote:
Tests should be written by teachers in Colorado; they are, after all, the experts. Teachers  help set the standard of education and must design curriculum in order to teach to the standard. Therefore, they  should also be able to see the tests their students take. This way, teachers can give feedback as to how well the test assesses the standard which the students need to meet. This creates an open, constructive, and transparent dialogue regarding the standards in Colorado, and the tests that determine if they're being met. 

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